Who We Are

The origin Story

We formed Chimera Wealth with the common goal to better serve the needs of our clients.

AJ and Antone began working together in 2013 as Financial Advisors at a national broker dealer. We connected over our shared vision for asset management and client service. The beginning of our careers saw us working in the broker dealer business model which emphasized packaged proprietary products, sales goals, and restrictions on client portfolios and communication. Our careers separated in 2015 as we left for different firms working under separate wealth management models, but we always stayed connected. The continued experience of working under different financial service models left us frustrated and yearning for a better service structure for clients.

Antone and Josh met in late 2015 and quickly hit it off with a kindred passion for financial literacy and investing. Josh had been pursuing a successful career in the real estate finance side of the financial industry while Antone was continuing his work as a financial advisor for a local firm. Josh being a sales driven marketer and Antone being an organized money manager saw an opportunity to collaborate to help their clients achieve success. Though they went in different directions for the next couple of years it was only a matter of time before the two would join back up with the final missing piece to the founding trifecta.

In 2020 while successfully navigating through turbulent times, we became convinced that the broker dealer model was not optimal for clients and the service we wanted to provide. We made the decision to form our own independent RIA firm, Chimera Wealth, LLC. As our financial markets become increasingly more complex, Chimera Wealth works with clients to impart peace of mind. It is our commitment to you to provide exceptional service designed to meet your specific needs and goals.

Our values make the difference

Our Team

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INvestment Philosophy

As fiduciaries we construct portfolios with risk management as the foundation of our investment process.

We believe in having a long-term mindset and goals based approach when designing our portfolios where we always keep our client's interests in mind. We work with clients to understand: What is the return they are trying to achieve? What is the probability of said return? How much is it going to cost? Clients really care about the total portfolio return, but these questions are vital to maintaining a sustainable investment approach.

As fiduciaries we construct our portfolios making sure we understand the client's circumstances & objectives, the probability of meeting those objectives, and being conscious of the portfolio costs with fees and tax implications. Our process centers around effective risk management, rather than promoting attempts to "beat the market" or sticking to a traditional (60/40 equities/bonds) "Balanced Portfolio."

We construct our portfolios with both strategic and tactical asset allocations. Although capital markets trend up over time when measured in decades, utilizing a strategic asset allocation and diversified approach helps us reduce risk over the long term when any one or more asset classes significantly decline. During shorter time periods, a tactical asset allocation can take advantage of bullish markets while still helping reduce risk exposures during volatile market declines. Our combination of strategic and tactical asset allocation is the foundation behind our risk management system that we view vital in reaching our client’s goals.