How We Serve

At Chimera Wealth we are committed to a hands on virtual experience that will guide you through the complexities of investing and wealth management.

Our virtual and digital business model allows clients to engage with one of our team members quickly and efficiently through online video chat and phone services from anywhere in the world.

Financial Planning

Comprehensive: Together we formulate a cohesive strategy that will envelop through all aspects of your financial life.

Fundamental: Not all clients require a full comprehensive financial plan. Though you may have a few pressing financial issues you’d like to address. Fundamental planning strives to address your specific pressing concerns whether they be:

  • Paying down student debt,
  • Budgeting and appropriate money management,
  • Evaluating company benefits and which to choose,
  • Signing up for retirement plans ( 401(k)/IRA) and how to choose the investments.

We can answer and create solutions to current or pressing events without the need to create a full financial plan.

A goal without a plan is just a wish - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Investment Management

The debate between active and passive management is really about the financial industry and less so about the client. We construct our portfolios ensuring appropriate risk management is applied and the client is always kept in mind.

Our active investment philosophy utilizes both strategic and tactical asset allocations through a systematic risk management approach.

Asset Protection & Risk Management

Insurance Analysis & Solutions: Whether through our financial planning process or wanting a second opinion, we run through the potential risks and uncertainties of life to make sure you can sleep at night. Covering areas of Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care, we are not restricted or tied down to only one insurance company. We provide solutions from a variety of providers which we believe are appropriate for your situation.

Multigenerational Planning: We work with our clients on strategies to provide a legacy to leave behind to their family and future generations. Navigating legal and taxation issues can maximize the transfer of wealth to loved ones that gives them the greatest chance of success in life. having a plan can help mitigate the roadblocks that may be encountered in the future.

Retirement Planning

We work with employees and employers to optimize their retirement plan solutions. Through our hands on and digital approach we continue to maintain our relationships by providing you with resources for Q&A as well as education to create optimal participation.

Connecting you to tomorrow

We Want To Work With You!

We value our client relationships and want to work with people who are passionate about their future. We help them plan how to get there. Our firm is there every step of the way providing answers to your questions and solutions to the obstacles encountered along your journey.

We understand it's a scary world out there. That is why our philosophy is to empower you to enjoy life today while designing your tomorrow.

Our technology and virtual platform allows you to stay connected with us wherever you are providing for flexible collaboration while working towards your goals.

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