Empowering you to enjoy life today while designing your tomorrow

Chimera Wealth was formed for people looking to enjoy their lives and pursue their passions now, while not sacrificing their futures.

With the right plan you can do just that.

At Chimera Wealth we are doing away with the old model of putting your head down and grinding until the traditional retirement age.

We encourage people to pick their heads up to seize the opportunities in front of them.


Having a sound financial plan provides a blueprint to realizing the life you want to live. A successful plan can adapt as your circumstances change throughout your life.


We design portfolios suited for your specific goals and values. Providing both a passive and active management style with a focus on long-term performance.


Helping both employers and employees navigate the process of plan selection and investment options.


Risk is everywhere. We work with you to identify, analyze, and accept or mitigate different uncertainties. Making sure you are protected for what life throws at you.

Chimera's Clients

"The Third Estate"
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In today's episode we continue our conversation with Justin about planning for the future and discussions one should have with their partner.

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In today's episode we ask Justin Furia his perspective of the current mortgage environment and owning a home as a first-time buyer.

Bitcoin and Crypto

Luke joins us for another episode to talk about Bitcoin and crypto. With the crazy ride following the March lows, many investors are contemplating what to do with their gains. We talk about having a plan buying an asset and the possible options when facing this dilemma many face.

Hierarchy of Financial Needs

We kick off the beginning of the year discussing how people should evaluate their financial decisions when it comes to purchases.

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