Josh Gordon


Santa Rosa, CA

Prior to Joining the Chimera Wealth team, Josh has been an originating branch Manager for a local mortgage firm in Santa Rosa, CA. He has 8 plus years’ experience working in the finance industry and is in the top 1% of all Loan officers in the US (per Scotsman Guide).

Josh is a US Airforce Veteran and avid surfer who has a passion for pushing the limits on everything he does. He has a love for financial literacy and getting young people excited about wealth management and investing.

Personal Life

Outside of work Josh loves to travel, surf, exercise and enjoy quality time with his family and friends.

“The ocean ebbs and flows as do the markets. How you ride the waves determines your future.”

Personal Goals for 2021

  • Get married and start a family
  • Surf more beautiful places around the world
  • Continuing to grow the Chimera Wealth team